Measuring 62.30 m, the highest tensegrity tower ever built became the symbol of the International Gardening Fair IGA Rostock 2003.
In only ten days, MERO built the Warnow Tower on the exhibition grounds of the Gardening Fair in Rostock.
The term 'tensegrity' refers to structures which consist of a continuous system of tension elements and a discontinuous subsystem of compression elements. The tower consists of added-up triangular prismatic elements in which the crossing compression bars do not touch each other.
The design by Prof. Volkwin Marg, gmp Hamburg, symbolizes - in his own words - the powerful dynamics of our social interactions.

Location: Rostock, Germany
Architect: Gerkan, Marg & Partner, Hamburg
Completion: 2003
Client: IGA Rostock 2003 GmbH
Scope of Work: Steelstructure
Type of Stucture: Tensegrity Structure

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