1972 Partial covering of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin for the Soccer World Championship

1974 First roof structure for which the structural calculation is prepared with the assistance of the newly founded computer centre. MERO is awarded the newly created German Steel Design Award (Deutscher Stahlbaupreis), as the first of many further awards.

1976 Meroform introduces its system of distribution partners

1986 Dock system of aluminium for AWACS aircraft at the NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen

1988 Globe Arena in Stockholm (at that time the largest hemispherical dome worldwide with a height of 85 m and a width of 110 m). It receives the European Steel Design Award.

1988-1992 Meroform adds the systems Voluma/R8 and 4D to its product range for exhibit booths.

1991 Suspended dock system for wide-body aircraft for ALSALAM in Riyadh

1992 East Terminal of Frankfurt airport with a total roof area of 40,000 m²

1994 Glazed barrel vault of the New Leipzig Fair. The hall has a free span of 80 m, it is 244 m long and 28 m high.

1997 The Advantec Wall System is launched and the display line is established.

1997 Railway station Berlin Spandau, consisting of four 400 m long vaulted glazed roofs with filigree shell structures. The longest glass roofs of any railway station in Europe.

1997 Two Combidock Systems for AIRBUS and BOEING aircraft for Deutsche Lufthansa in Hamburg.

1998 Combidock System for AIRBUS and BOEING aircraft for Egypt Air in Cairo.

2000 Eden project in Cornwall/UK. The greatest greenhouse in the world, with 30,000 m² outer surface. The structure consists of intersecting dome elements of differing sizes, with spans ranging between 38 and 125 m, with a cladding of inflated membrane cushions made of ETFE foil.

2001 Combidock System for AIRBUS and BOEING Aircraft for SAAT in Johannesburg.

2001/2002 Euro Fighter, working platforms and cable checking dock for EADS Manching.

2002 East-West roof of the new central railway station in Berlin. This is followed by the North-South roof and facades in 2005.

2002 Award for Innovation in Architecture and Presentation (Innovationspreis Architektur und Präsentation) for the development of the spatial sculpture Nautilus in cooperation with 3E Stuttgart.

2003 Construction of the highest tensegrity tower worldwide (62.30 m) for the IGA in Rostock.

2003 IF Design Award for the display type Titan Line and for the Nautilus.

2004 Roof over the connecting promenade between the exhibition halls of the New Milan Fair. A filigree free form structure, 1,300 m long and 30 m wide.

2004 Launch of R8 Plus.

2005 North-South roof and facades of the new central railway station in Berlin.

2007 For the first time ever the annual production volume of access floor panels exceeds 1 million m².

2007 Domes for ENEL near Rome, intended as central storage halls for coal. These are two aluminium domes, each with a diameter 144 m and a height of 49 m, which makes them the greatest dome structures in Europe.

2008 Roof of the new 5 star stadium of Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) which a capacity of 55,000 spectators, which will also be the scene of matches during the European Soccer Championship 2012 co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

2008 The new product M12 Plus wins the Reddot Design Award and a nomination for the German Design Award 2009.

2009 Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the largest space frame structure of all times.

This is merely intended as a list of highlights from all product divisions and covers exemplary buildings like railway stations, domes, towers, stadiums etc. executed by Construction Systems, especially in the recent past.
1928 Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Max Mengeringhausen founds the company in Berlin. Years of development work lead to innovative and individual solutions in building construction, especially the MERO system of nodes and beams (MEngeringhausen ROhrbauweise).

1948 The head office is moved from Berlin to Wuerzburg.

1966 The new branch at Prichsenstadt starts the production of raised floor elements.

1969 Dock system for the first jumbo jets B 747 is constructed for German Lufthansa in Frankfurt.

1970 The product division Meroform (Exhibit Systems) is established with the systems M10/M12 and VAL.

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