KK-Ball Node System

  • load applied to the nodes
  • single- or multi-layer
  • each node has up to 18 threaded holes as pin jointed connections
  • gives greatest freedom in design

NK-Bowl Node System
  • double-layer structure
  • pin-jointed connection to the nodes
  • lower chord as ball node system
  • plane or vurved surfaces
  • average to wide-span structure

ZK-Cylinder Node System

  • single-layer structure in triangular and/or trapezoidal surface geometry
  • bend resistant connection
  • i.g. for curved surfaces of average span structures
  • small to middle spans
  • cladding elements fixed directity on members

TK-Disc Node System

  • single-layer system in triangular surface geometry
  • pin-jointed connection to the nodes
  • curved surfaces of small to average span structures

BK-Block Node System
  • single- or multi-layer structure
  • single bolted connections
  • sharp changes in inclination of roof i.e. shed

    • single layer structures, with high, slender sections
    • bending-stiff, pin-jointed connections
    • plan and curved free-formed grid-shells with large warpage


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